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Ahmed, M.H.: The utilization of geoinformation technology for agroenvironmental applications in Egypt

Anyamba, A.: 23 years of Sahelian vegetation dynamics from NOAA-AVHRR

D'Herbes, J.-M.: Regional variability, local relative degradation; how to manage the scales

Di Gregorio, A.: A new land cover classification system for desertification assessment, mapping and monitoring

Hutchinson, C.F.: Evolving contexts of the desertification debate

Kignaman-Soro, A.: Mitigation of Impacts of Changes in Sahel

Mortimore, M.: Using farmers’ responses to change as a guide to policy at the country level

Ndiangui, N.: UNCCD perspectives on the changes in the Sahel

Nicholson, S.: Long-term precipitation variability in the Sahel

Olsson, L.: Greening of the Sahel

Reij, C.: The impact of soil and water conservation on agriculture and environment on the northern part of the Central Plateau of Burkina Faso between 1980 and 2001

Sadio, S.: Environmental and land cover changes in the Sahel region: lessons learned, Challenges and priority actions

Toure, A.: Monitoring vegetation growth and mapping changes in landscape: Senegal case study

Warren, A.: Policy implications of the Sahelian recovery


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